How to Have an Amazing Time With an Escort in Seattle

Escort services specialize in finding clients notable dates, but that doesn’t mean they do all the work for you. The quality of the time you spend together will depend a lot on how well you plan. Read on to find out about some fun activities in Seattle that will only be more enjoyable with a beautiful woman on your arm.

Below are some great ideas and place where you can go with your Seattle escort:

1. Check Out Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has a reputation for being Seattle’s hippest neighborhood, and it’s well deserved. The community is full of amazing restaurants, clubs, theaters, and more. If you want to keep things extra adult-oriented, try stopping by Babeland, right in Capitol Hill’s heart. It’s the place to go for everything from sex-ed to adult goodies.

2. Rent a Boat

One of the great things about Seattle is its proximity to the ocean. While checking out the beach’s sunset is fun, the colors are even more impressive when viewed from the deck of a schooner, or even a yacht. You and your escort will have a great time getting to know each other out on the waves, no matter what time of day or night you leave the port.

3. Grab a Photo Op at the Water Tower

The observation deck at the Volunteer Park Water Tower offers the best views of the city around, so don’t miss the opportunity to grab a great photo op. Try timing the visit for sunset for the best optics. Smith Tower is also a great go-to for viewing the city from afar. It will get you and your date far enough away from all the hustle and bustle to enjoy a moment of peace at the end of a fun day or the beginning of a fun night.

4. Watch a Burlesque Show

Always wanted to check out a Burlesque show, but never had a date down for the adventure? Your escort will enjoy herself. Check out the Triple Door calendar to see when the next show is coming up and think about planning your night out on the town accordingly. Chances are, you’ll both have a fantastic time.

5. Get a Couples Massage

Want an excuse to head to the spa without feeling out of place? Bring your escort to one of Seattle’s many amazing co-ed baths and resorts and get a couple of massages. Banya 5 is a Seattle spa complex, Russian-styled bath, and features an attached vodka-centered cocktail bar.

6. Dinner and Music

Want to keep things a little classier? Seattle is home to some of the finest music and dining around. Check out the Jazz Alley to get in an amazing show, then plan a dinner out at one of the many fine dining establishments. Just make sure you dress to impress. Your escort definitely will.

7. Ride to the Top of the Space Needle

There’s nothing more romantic than heading up to the Space Needle on a clear night. While this activity certainly isn’t going to keep the two of you occupied all night, it is a great way to set the mood. For those visiting Seattle for the first time, it’s also a must-see tourist attraction, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

How to Find a Legitimate Escort Agency

There’s no wrong way to plan a date with an escort in Seattle. Try to find activities that you like, then think about which of them would be the most fun, accompanied by a beautiful woman. Once you have a plan, get in touch with Sun Bunny Escort Services, and we can take care of everything you need, including the hottest escorts in Seattle.

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